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The team at CMI Automation specializes in manufacturing automation for a variety of industries. From initial design, machining and manufacturing, assembly, programming, testing and ongoing support we’re here for you every step on your way to automation. We provide nationwide delivery and support

Our automation services range from complete end-to-end solutions, to tackling individual automation processes, including:

As part of our process, we integrate leading technology from Allen-Bradley, Emerson (formerly GE Automation),  FANUC and Kuka with intelligent systems. With our knowledge and in-house machining capabilities, we’re able to create true “outside-the-box” solutions for your unique and specific needs. 

With automation solutions ranging from simple to complex, a few applications for automation solutions include:

Industrial automation services
Automation experts

If your goal is reduced cycle times, increased finished product quality, and reducing your operating costs, our knowledgeable team, and broad capabilities sets us apart from everyone else.

Chris Mouw – Sales & Marketing Director

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Step 1: What is your long-term business objective? It’s important to ensure that an investment in automation is in line with your company goals. We’ll take the time to understand your needs and your desired outcome in determining the right path.  When you work with CMI Automation, you’ll quickly learn, that we always have our customers’ best interests in mind. Once we embark on the path to automation, we’ll begin the planning phase. This is so critical to the success of your project, and we are very experienced with getting automation projects off on the right foot. 

Discovery & Planning

Engineering & Design Review

Machining – Manufacturing

Assembly & Programming

Testing & Bug-Fix

Final Runoff

End-User Training

Installation & Power Up

Automation systems are complex, and getting even more so. We offer professional support services for automation systems, whether we built it, or you already have an automation system in place. Whether you have an existing issue, or are wanting to keep your automation system in top working order we can help you maintain your productivity and reduce downtime. Our support services are available to fit your specific needs. 

Break Fix / On Demand Support

When automation systems fail, you need a reliable, knowledgeable team to get your production back online. With our experience, and capabilities, we’re able to provide support, when needed, for a wide range of industries. 

Onsite Support

Our field services are available nationwide. Remotely, we’re able to tackle many issues that arise with automation systems. However, sometimes issues arise with wiring, instrumentation, motors, VFD’s, as well as broken parts or components, that require onsite service. In those instances, having qualified technicians available onsite are critical to getting your 

Remote Support Services

With the proper hardware and software in place, we’re able to support systems regardless of location. Taking advantage of our remote support services can significantly reduce the maintenance costs of your automated equipment, and increase uptime. 

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