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The team at CMI Automation provides expert control systems engineering solutions. We understand that your needs are unique, and will help guide your project to a successful outcome. When you work with the team at CMI for your control systems solution, you can expect reduced costs, a boost in productivity, and improved quality.  We provide nationwide delivery and support

Most importantly, CMI Automation Customers Receive The Highest Service Levels And Quality Support In Our Industry

Control System Software Development Expertise

HMI Programming

HMI is short for Human Machine Interface. In an industrial setting, HMIs are what controls and monitors machines. From the HMI (typically a touch screen), operators are able to operate and monitor machines. HMIs require programming to allow your operator to interface with the machine. There are a variety of panels, and each uses different software. We work with leading HMIs and can recommend the right solution for your specific needs.

PLC Programming

A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a ruggedized computer that is used in industrial automation. They are used to automate specific processes. As with HMIs, PLSs require specific programming expertise to ensure they're set up properly. PLCs and HMIs also need to be compatible with each other. You can rest assured that your solution from CMI Automation will be crafted and implemented by industry experts.

Robotics Programming

We are able to program many of the most popular robotics brands, including ABB, Fanuc, Kuka and Kawasaki.

Successful controls systems engineering integrations involve many  moving parts. From experience, here are a few critical factors to ensure a successful outcome:

Track Record

Experience matters. It’s important to work with a company who understands your specific needs, and has a knowledge base of related experience to pull from. 


Communication is so important for a favorable control systems deployment. After the control systems integration is NOT the time to ask questions. When you work with CMI Automation, you’ll appreciate our attention to detail, and our painstaking attention to detail. As we guide you through the process, we’re going to ask a LOT of questions; and we’re going to listen

Choosing the Right System

Navigating all of the options can be challenging. Understanding how hardware and software works together is so important. With our extensive automation experience, we’re able to recommend solutions that work. 


The best control systems are useless without understanding how to use them. We’ll take the time to educate you on how to operate your new control systems. 


With CMI Automation, we’ve got your back. After we’ve completed the integration of your control systems, we’re here for you every step of the way. We offer ongoing support and maintenance for each of our automation customers. 

Automation systems are complex, and getting even more so. We offer professional support services for automation systems, whether we built it, or you already have an automation system in place. Whether you have an existing issue, or are wanting to keep your automation system in top working order we can help you maintain your productivity and reduce downtime. Our support services are available to fit your specific needs. 

Break Fix / On Demand Support

When automation systems fail, you need a reliable, knowledgeable team to get your production back online. With our experience, and capabilities, we’re able to provide support, when needed, for a wide range of industries. 

Onsite Support

Our field services are available nationwide. Remotely, we’re able to tackle many issues that arise with automation systems. However, sometimes issues arise with wiring, instrumentation, motors, VFD’s, as well as broken parts or components, that require onsite service. In those instances, having qualified technicians available onsite are critical to getting your 

Remote Support Services

With the proper hardware and software in place, we’re able to support systems regardless of location. Taking advantage of our remote support services can significantly reduce the maintenance costs of your automated equipment, and increase uptime. 

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